No orchestra at home?
No problem,
bring one home everyday with HQCD.

What is HQ CD?

Utilization of higher-quality polycarbonate in addition of adaptation of silver alloy as the reflective layer, Compact Disc with superior sound quality is realized. HQCD can be played on all Compact Disc players.

1) Use of higher-quality polycarbonate.

Using Quality polycarbonate which is used for LC TVs and plastic lens, Highprecision pit transcription can be achieved with this new material. The transparency and very low birefringence contribute to quality sound production.

2) Use of silver alloy as its reflective layer material.

With its better reflectivity, sound which is closer to its original master made possible. The alloy was originally developed for HDDVD, which was proposed as the next generation DVD.

■Comparison of Reproduced Signal(1)  HQCD vs. conventional CD

■Comparison of Reproduced Signal (2) HQCD vs. Conventional CD

■Comparison of Sound quality evaluation  HQCD vs. Conventional CD